27 January 2015

The Golden Hour

Coffee, after coffee…Hours pass by...slowly, but mostly in the blink of an eye. These past weeks I have been terribly busy , and I barely manage to find a minute to post or even catch my breath. Oh, I am really looking forward to summer, and every tiny ray of sunshine that decides to touch my skin makes me think I'm one step closer to the warm weather days. It's a promise that from now on I'll post more often because I want to share as much as I can with my readers which means to be present as much as possible on the blog.

"I relish that moment in the afternoon when we start to realize how transparent our veils of doing well, of going somewhere, are."

How poetic is this atmosphere. White buildings and cotton candy sky, the cold winter breeze..and the thought of spring approaching me softly.

I was wearing: Zara Dress (Similar Here) & Bag, Moschino Red Cape (Similar Here), Mango Stilettos, Vintage gloves. 

Photos: Anca Dunavete

6 December 2014

Seasonal Glow

We see each season as a chance to try something new.
We consider cashmere to be the best thing about falling temperatures.
We love sequined heels as much as ankle boots.
We think finding "the one" refers to that perfect trench coat.
We make his pieces ours with a bit of finesse and a healthy dose of sparkle.
We believe it's possible to reinvent yourself every single time you get dressed.
☆ Here's to a season of new beginnings. ☆

I was wearing: Vintage YSL Emerald Silk Blouse (Similar Here, Here & Here) / 
StyleLondon Silk Skirt / Zara leather ankle boots / 
White Pearls (Similar Here).

Photos: Anca Dunavete

9 October 2014

Cosmo Blog Awards

Hello, my darlings. As most of you may already know, I was lucky enough to be shortlisted for the Best New Fashion Blog Award sponsored by Next at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. So on Tuesday I made my way over to the OXO Tower in London for the Blog Awards Bash to find out who the winners were. I put my brave face on and with a glass of bubbles in my hand, I went to introduce myself to some friendly looking bloggers. I met a lot of lovely people and after about an hour and a half of mingling, all of the bloggers gathered at one end of the room to hear the results we had all been waiting for. Even though my blog didn't win, I have no other reason but to be happy and proud that Journaux Des Fetichismes is in the top 10 (out of 46,000 applicants..yep, you read that right haha) Best New Fashion Blogs. My mind reminded me that my blog is barely a year old and that it's only the beginning. 
With the adorable Monica

The rest of the evening was spent drinking one too many of the delicious cocktails provided by Pinky Vodka, meeting fellow bloggers, posing for photos and giggling.
Congrats to the lovely Louise who won Best International Fashion Blog! xo

Thank you all for voting, supporting and following me & my journey so far, sending me so many lovely messages. Love you all! bisous x